For its new limited-edition collection, Seiko Presage turns to the classical Japanese art of Kabuki theatre.

  Kabuki theatre, world renowned for its extravagant storytelling, costumes and make-up, has been an important cultural institution in Japan since the 17th century. Even today, its influences permeate other areas of modern life.   For its latest limited-edition releases, Tokyo-born watchmaker Seiko has turned to Kabuki to produce two exquisite new timepieces under the premium Presage line. Taking authenticity to heart, the watches have been designed in collaboration with Ichikawa Ebizo, one of Japan's most prominent Kabuki actors.   The striking scarlet-brown dial directly references kakiiro, a Japanese colour traditionally used in Kabuki costume design. The subtle, abstract hemp leaf pattern – or asanoha – also pays homage to traditional Kabuki dress and is a print that appears in many contemporary Japanese designs.   Both watches are powered by Seiko’s high-performance 6R series movements and only 2,000 have been made. Seiko Presage Kabuki Limited Edition timepieces, from £900, available at Seiko, 57 Brompton Road, London SW3 1DP